Waste Plastic Recycling Plant Cost

People pay more attention to the treatment of waste plastic over the years, while recycling those waste with some machines is a fine choice, and the economic benefits it can bring you is also great. The customers always want to create more profits which make less investment. On this point, Beston can promise you that our plants can create more profits than other plants with less cost. The followings are some factors that may affect the waste plastic recycling plant cost.

waste plastic recycling plant cost
waste plastic recycling plant cost

The cost is affected by the plant you choose.

Beston can provide you with two types of waste plastic recycling plants , the waste plastic granules machine and the plastic waste pyrolysis machine. The cost varies basing on the different types machine you choose. As for Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plant for sale, their models are also various, thus the cost is also different.

waste plastic granule machine
waste plastic granule machine
waste plastic pyrolysis machine
waste plastic pyrolysis machine

The waste plastic recycling plant cost is also affected by the profits you make.

1. The plastic granules machine aims to convert the plastic waste into plastic granules, and you can use them to make new plastic products.

plastic granules
plastic granules

2. Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plant can convert plastic into fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas. You can use the plastic pyrolysis as fuel directly, or you can reprocess it into diesel. The carbon black can be the raw material to make bricks. Or you can refine the carbon black by using the carbon black processing plant. Even the combustible gas can heat the plastic pyrolysis reactor to help the investors save energy cost.

NO. Name Usage
1 Fuel oil • sold directly.
• Reprocessed into diesel and gasoline by use oil distillation machine.
• fuel.
2 Carbon black • sold directly.
• Reprocessed into high quality carbon by the carbon black grinding equipment.
• make carbon brick by briquetting equipment.
3 Combustible  gas • heating the reactor.

In a word, all the end products are useful materials in many areas. Thus it can bring benefits for the investors.

Last, the quality of the machine affects the cost of waste plastic recycling plant.

The cost does not only refer to the money you put in buying the plant, but also includes the maintenance cost. Beston(Henan) Machinery can promise that the quality is top-ranking. So you will spend less on the maintenance cost, correspondently, the cost is lower.

The plastic recycling machine cost depends on your own choice. So you should consider what you want before you buying one, and you can also contact us to get more details.

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