waste plastic recycling plant

Waste Plastic Recycling Plant

Do you want to convert the waste plastic into energy? If yes, then you can visit us. We can provide you with two types of the waste plastic recycling plant for sale, plastic granules machine and waste plastic pyrolysis machine. You can go through the followings to get more details of these two types of the recycling machines.

waste plastic recycling plant
waste plastic recycling plant

First, the Plastic Granules Machine.

waste plastic granule machine
waste plastic granule machine

You can use this machine to get the plastic granules from any plastic waste including PP,PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC,PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA.

What Will Be the Working Process of Waste Plastic Recycling Equipment?

It goes through the crushing, cleaning, drying, and the granulation process. The recycling system will be all about the extrusion, transmission, heating, and cooling system.

Functions of all the parts of waste plastic recycling plant:

The Screw: It is the most important part of the extruding machine. It affects the application and the working efficiency of the extruding machine.

The machine barrel: It works together with screw to realize the crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhausting and compaction of the plastic. It can continuously and uniformly convey the rubber to the molding system.

The hopper charging bucket: The bottom of the hopper is equipped with a cutting device to adjust and cut off the material flow. And the side of the hopper is equipped with a hole and a calibration measuring device.

The hand-piece: The role of the hand-piece is to turn the rotatory movement of the plastic melt into a parallel straight line movement. So the plastic melt can get into the mold set uniformly, and give pressure for plastic molding.

The heating and cooling device is a necessary part for the whole plastic granulation process.

All those parts work together can complete the plastic granulation process. The waste plastic granules are useful in the following areas:

plastic granules
plastic granules

In daily life. You can use them to make plastic bags, basins, buckets and other daily stuffs.

In rag trade. They are the raw material to make clothing, ties, buttons, zippers and so on.

In construction material field. They can be used to make construction tools, plastic doors and windows, etc.

In agriculture. They are good materials to make plastic films, packing bags and so on.

The plastic granules machine is a good machine to recycle plastic waste, however, the waste plastic pyrolysis plant is the other perfect choice for you.

Second, the Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Machine.

Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Hungary
Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Hungary

It will convert the waste plastics to oil, combustible gas, and the carbon black.

Details about the Working Process of Plastic Pyrolysis Machine

Before the plastic pyrolysis process starts, you need check the condition of the plastic waste. The waste plastic needs drying first if the water content is too high. Then put the plastic waste into the reactor. When the temperature rises to 200 degrees, the oil gas will appears. 280 degrees to 350 degrees is the top oil yield rate interval. The produced oil gas will be separated by mainfold. The heavy oil gas will be liquefied and drop down to the heavy oil tank. As for the light oil gas, it rises to the condenser and be liquefied, and then it will drop down to the oil tank. The combustible gas will be processed by the hydroseal system, then be recycled to heat the reactor. The carbon black will be discharged after being processed by the cooling system.

waste plastic pyrolysis process
waste plastic pyrolysis process

You can sell the carbon black and plastic oil directly in the market. The combustible gas can be recycled to heat the reactor. By doing so, you will save the energy cost. Moreover, if you want to recycle the carbon black and the pyrolysis oil, you can visit us. We have the waste plastic to diesel plant and the carbon black processing plant for sale.

Types of the Pyrolysis Plant

We are professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer and we understand the requirements of the customers well. So we can offer you different models in plastic waste pyrolysis plant that work with different methods. For the small scale plastic waste, you can consider using batch pyrolysis plant . It is affordable and safe. You can also consider the semi-continuous plastic pyrolysis plant. It works faster than the previous one and it is more affordable than a continuous plant. For the large scale plastic waste, a fully continuous plastic pyrolysis plant will be the right choice.

Data BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLL-16 BLL-30, BLL-40, BLL-50
Daily capacity 6 MT 10 MT 20 MT 30 MT, 40 MT, 50 MT
Raw material Waste tires,rubber,plastic,oil sludge,medical waste
Working method Batch Semi-Continuous Fully continuous
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Reactor rotate speed 0.4 turn/minute Not rotary type
Total power 24 kw/h 30 kw/h 54 kw/h 53.6,62,84(kw/h)
Reactor size(m) D2.2*L5.1 D2.8*L6.2 D2.8 *L7.1 L12.5*W2.2*H2.5
Space (L*W*H) 20*10*10 m 25*15*10 m 25*15*10 m 20*15*10m,33*15*10m

In addition to the above, you can use the waste plastic pyrolysis plant to recycle the waste rubber products, waste tyres, medical waste, and oil sludge. You can visit us to know more about the available options.

Why You Should Choose Our Company?

Beston(Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd have been the leader in the waste plastic recycling plant manufacturing field for many years. We have mature teams, including designing teams, manufacturing teams, and sales teams. in addition, we are professional in upgrading the latest waste plastic recycling technology.

waste plastic recycling machine
waste plastic recycling machine

We use developed technologies and upgrade the system to enhance the experience of the users. You will find all the latest technologies and designs in our service. You can choose any types of the plastic recycling plants to get the best use of the waste plastic. Our professionals will always be there to offer any kind of help.

You can send us inquiry if you have the interest in waste plastic recycling machine cost. No matter what kind of machine you choose, either the plastic granules machine or the plastic waste pyrolysis plant, you can achieve the utilization of the plastic waste and make profits from the end products you get.

beston plastic granule machine to trinidad and tobago
beston plastic granule machine to trinidad and tobago

Moreover, we can also supply you other waste recycling plants, such as waste tyre recycling plant , waste oil refining plant and biomass waste carbonization plant. Get your inquiry now.

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