our technicians with our local customer

Congratulations! BLL-20 Waste Pyrolysis Plant in Uzbekistan

As a professional waste recycling equipment manufacturer, Beston Group can supply you a series of plants to achieve waste recycling.

We have successfully exported our municipal solid waste sorting machine to Uzbekistan, and people there think highly about our plant.

beston waste sorting plant in Uzbekistan
Beston Waste Sorting Plant in Uzbekistan

Recently, our waste plastic pyrolysis plant was also installed there to recycle the waste plastic.

Plastic waste pyrolysis machine can convert waste plastic into oil, carbon black and combustible. As a mature manufacturer, we can provide you with batch pyrolysis plant, semi-continuous pyrolysis machine and fully continuous plant.

fully continuous waste pyrolysis plant in Uzbekistan
Fully Continuous Waste Pyrolysis Plant in Uzbekistan

Our customer is quite satisfied with our BLL-20 waste pyrolysis plant because it is good in quality. And our professional technicians also give them a lot of help in installing and running the machine.

our technicians with our local customer
Beston Technicians With Local Customer

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