Plastic Bags Recycling Plant

We can not deny that plastic bags are necessary in our daily life, and we can also deny that most of us did not find a suitable way to dispose those bags when they lose their function. Here we provide you some information about waste plastic bags recycling plant, which can turn waste plastic into granules basing.

plastic bags recycling plant

Plastic Bag Recycling Process

1. Sorting

The waste plastic products are firstly be sorted according to their different use and material。

2. Crushing

The size and shape of waste plastic bags are different, so it is necessary to crush them into a certain size.

3. Cleaning

To ensure the quality of plastic granules, removing impurity substance is important.

4. Granulating

It is the last but important step. In this process, extruder plays a vital role. Then you will get qualified plastic granules.

Advantages of Buying Beston Plastic Bag Recycling Equipment

a. You can have on-the-spot investigation before you buy our machine, so you will have a better understanding about our company and our products.

b. We can assign you professional technicians to train workers and install machine if necessary.

c. We can ensure you that the quality of our plant is trustworthy.

d. The plant is easy and safe to operate, and there is no need to worry about the training cost and labor cost.

waste plastic granules making machine
waste plastic granules making machine

After getting plastic granules, you can apply them in many areas:

  • Daily Life
  • Agriculture
  • Construction material field
  • Clothing industry

    plastic granules
    plastic granules

We are professional in this field, and our have been successfully exported to other countries. We can also supply you waste plastic to oil machine if you want to recycle waste bags in another way. By using this machine, you can get oil, carbon black and combustible gas.

waste plastic to oil plant
waste plastic to oil plant

If you want to know more about waste plastic bag recycling machine price, just feel free to contact us.

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