Beston Attends 10th Australian Waste Recycling Exhibition

Beston team has already arrived in Sydney on August 28th for the 10th Australian International Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling Exhibition (AWER 2018). Here are some lasted pictures from the exhibition.

Sales Managers in Australian Waste Recycling Exhibition

Beston in Australian Waste Recycling Exhibition

Beston Machinery is a professional waste recycling machine manufacturer, which has focused on waste recycling technology for years. So far, we have developed a complete and diverse waste recycling system. So our products include waste sorting machine, biochar production equipment, waste pyrolysis plant and paper egg tray machine, which will be displayed at the exhibition. If you are interested in our products, please contact our sales managers soon.

Beston Machinery — A Qualified Waste Recycling Plant Manufacturer

1. Rich experience. We have years of experience in manufacturing and exporting waste recycling machines. In these years, we have developed a complete and mature waste recycling system to process different materials from sorting to reusing. Beston aims at maximizing customer’ profits while saving the earth.

2. Professional team. There are many professionals in Beston Group from engineers, salesmen, after-sales service staff. Each performs its own functions. Meanwhile, we work closely to provide our customers with the top-quality products and perfect service. For example, you can find a physical model of our waste pyrolysis plant and sorting plant on the exhibition, which will help you to know the working process better. Moreover, you are also welcome to come to our factory for a visit.

Customers in Exhibition

Talking with Customer in Exhibition

3. Reasonable price. As many investors know, the waste recycling machinery price in China will be more cost-effective than that in the developed countries. However, the quality is much better than that in India. Beston cannot promise you the lowest price, but we can make sure your costs reasonable. You will save much money and time due to the advanced technology and full service.

All in all, Beston is a reliable supplier, which wins great reputation around the world. For example, we have installed a waste tyre pyrolysis plant in the UK, South Africa, Jordan, Brazil, etc. And we have various products and business plans for you. Anyway, you will enjoy cooperating with Beston.

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