Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Korea

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Korea

On June 13th, the waste pyrolysis machine from Beston Machinery for Korean customers has been sent off successfully. Before long, there will be a profitable and eco-friendly waste pyrolysis plant in Korea.

Shipping of Pyrolysis Rector
Shipping of Pyrolysis Rector

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Korea
Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Korea

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine — A Profitable And Eco-friendly Business Plan

1. Energy-saving and low costs

Beston has developed a mature recycling system to make full use of the heat source. In general, our waste pyrolysis plant can be self-sufficient by using the combustible gas produced during the pyrolysis process. In this way, the operating costs can be greatly reduced. And as you know, the waste pyrolysis plant price in China is lower. Well, Beston will provide you with the best machines at a satisfying price.

2. High Oil Yield

For example, the oil yield rate of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant can reach up to 50%. Our waste pyrolysis plant aims to fully recycle all wastes into something valuable. In addition to pyrolysis oil, you can also get carbon black and combustible gas, as well as steel wire for the waste tire. Moreover, Beston will supply you a complete waste pyrolysis business plan according to your own conditions, including the most cost-effective fuel, labor costs, plant design, etc.

3. Long Service Life

Beston waste pyrolysis machine has a longer service life. For instance, the continuous plants are expected to be in normal operation for 10 years. That’s because we keep updating our technology. For example, we employed the new heating system to decrease the harm of the direct heating to the rector. By the way, you may find a casing out of the rector, which is designed to protect the workers from the high temperature and keep the heat inside the rector for a longer time.

4. Eco-friendly

In these years, being eco-friendly is a trend. If you have read the description of the waste pyrolysis process of Beston Machinery, you will find that we have adopted multiple pollution treatment systems, such as desulfuration and de-dusting system. That’s why our waste recycling system can meet the EU pollution standards.

In addition to the high-quality waste pyrolysis machine, you can also enjoy the perfect service from us. Moreover, we have test plant where you can visit on site. As a leading waste pyrolysis plant supplier, Beston has experienced team from pre-sales consulting, design, shipping, installation to after-sales support. Welcome to contact us!

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